Thursday, 1 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #186: Huddersfield review, Derby preview

"Three large salads, you say? Who orders salad from McFellaini's?!"

Hypocrisy, hmm? To those who claim your small time internet flavour text writer had been brainwashed by the Roberto and Caldwell Co., I say this: you're darn right. And goodness knows it needed a thorough scrub, because there was some *really* mucky stuff at the back of that brain.

While I won't write about Calds again (probably), I'll continue to reference the 'Martinez fallacy' (possession does not always equal success) ad infinitum.

In other words, PWU welcomes its new shorts-wearing, Owdum accented, (possibly) Bovril-swilling, mega defensive overlord... with a great big custard pie to the face!

Only kidding - he can have all the Victoria sponge in my pantry if he keeps feeding it to Yanic.


0:00 Introductory tributes
2:00 Huddersfield review with misleading stats and Si's beaming Off The Terrace thingy (3:00)
8:00 Eleven points from the top 6 now #PlayoffsByXmas
10:00 Penalty falsehoods?
16:00 Defenders and goalies moonlighting as centre forwards & MacDonald's yellow card mystery
26:00 Davey Whelan's 3D printed chocolate statue surprise
28:00 RAMbling Derby preview (hah) with Statman's fat stat pack (29:30)
30:00 Derby predictions and Si's Outsider Oddschecker (33:00) 
35:00 Strikers returning to the starting lineup?

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #185: Barnsley review, Huddersfield preview

"For this statue, we give thanks."

Bet you wish you live in America right now, don't you? Not because you would be enjoying a tax-free Thursday off work, but because you would be as far away from those irritating Lancastrian podcast guys as possible.

...Sorry for the '70s joke (again). Have this statue of the PWU crew fighting over the mic as compensation.

-- 'Part Time' Dan


0:00 Crunchy intros sponsored by Uncle J
1:30 Barnsley review sponsored by Mick's Movember Mousse with Si's From the Terrace report (2:30)
5:00 Coach trip report sponsored by Double Decker (Buses)
9:00 Davies a defender? Yanic a centre forward? Sponsored by Craig Morgan's Rum
14:00 341 passes sponsored by Lee Nicholls
19:00 À bientôt Bog Man, Jó napot kívánok Jussi (not sponsored by Mike Pollitt)
22:00 Burke is a Tic, statue for centre forward (sponsored by Parkinson's Bags of Wind)
27:00 Leeky lapels and sleepy defences sponsored by Cozynight Beds
30:00 Udders Field preview sponsored by Ben Watson
34:00 Predictions & Si's odd Oddschecker sponsored by Rod Czecha
36:00 Hitching a ride with Owen C, sponsored by Iron Drew
40:00 The Grigg mystery endures, sponsored by... oh screw it, I'm going for lunch -- Dan

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #184: Bobby Campbell tribute, Barnsley preview

This week's usual flavour text has been expunged, not because it's been international week and I can't think of anything to write about, but as a mark of respect to the sadly departed Bobby Campbell.

*Above image certainly not from Campbell's 'mellow years'


0:00 Sombre intros
0:30 God Bless Bobby Campbell & don't leave your car at Springfield Park
4:00 Interview with Paul Firth, Bobby's biographer
9:00 "Best money I ever spent" -- Mathias, & don't spit on the opponents!
14:00 Everybody wants a 20-goal-a-season striker, & fancy a throat lozenge, Bobby?
21:00 "Some characters live on after death" -- Barry
24:30 No Slade this Xmas (hah) & Caldwell open to managerial offers
28:00 More befuddlement over Gaz's sacking
31:00 Barnsley preview with more reffing annoyance & form guide (33:00)
34:40 Si's Oddschecker and predictions sponsored by the East Dean Club again
39:00 "Everyone is guilty" of crapulence
42:00 Who's next for the new boss bounce?

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #183: Reading review

Hear those endless groans of painful discontent? 

...That’s actually my stomach doing its best wolfman impressions.

But don’t worry - it isn’t about to throw its shop-fresh 2011 replica shirt onto the DW pitch after the first Notts County goal hits the net. Neither will it toss its season card at the Kittywake barge passing under that rickety iron bridge.

I would have given a different answer to the question 'what's that sound?' if you’d asked me in ES6 on Saturday afternoon. And I have a different answer still if you’re presently listening to this week’s PeeDubya Podcast.


0:00 Chilly intros
1:00 Reading is fun... sometimes. Or should that be 'Redding', Otis? (Reading review)
2:40 The Return of Si's Off The Terrace report
9:00 'Shortsman II' Joyce = a coach, not a manager?
16:00 Le Fondre > Grigg? And Joyce is another Malky?
21:30 Backroom blues - will they go?
24:00 "Get Grigg back!"
29:00 D. Whelan's Thanksgiving present
33:00 Barnsley mini-preview sponsored by the East Dean Club (sp?)
34:00 Walking (Not Running) Football New
36:00 Barry's testimonial year at Vital Latics!

Fartwatch: 22:30, 33:20